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Is social media crucial for my business?

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Social media is crucial for your business. This is true, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we have seen an increase in usage of all social media platforms. Families and children are busy learning online but are also using online platforms to keep themselves entertained and connected. Become a resource for them by sharing informative or entertaining content on what is happening or how your business operates.

Do not feel intimidated and move forward to explore the idea of using social media to reach your audience. You can quickly start by reposting your state or city social distancing guidelines that might not reach your target audience.

The Pandemic boosted how adults spend their time in social media

Here is some data insight into social media usage during the pandemic from eMarketer & Social Platforms around the world from Hootsuite:

Chart showing the worlds most used social platforms since the pandemic up to October 2021, by Hootsuite
Chart showing the world most used social platforms since the Pandemic up to October 2021, by Hootsuite

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