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How to Improve Your Grant Proposals; Grant Writing and Graphic Data

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Grant Writing How to Improve your Grant Proposals

How to improve your Grant Proposals? Grant writing, like all writing, is about telling your story in a compelling manner that reaches your audience and fulfills the needs of the grantor. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is also worth a thousand numbers. As seasoned grant writers, we recommend you leverage graphic design to make data memorable for funders. In doing this, your application will stand out. It is as easy as P.I.E...not PI

Improve your Grant Proposals with Real Numbers

Do your research and provide precise, accurate data to support your request and significant arguments. Tables and spreadsheets are dull and difficult to read and analyze. When was the last time you were excited to read a spreadsheet? Turn the data into numbers that the reviewer can remember without deciphering spreadsheets.

Integrate Data into Quantitative Graphics

Now that we have established that spreadsheets are not our friends, let us discuss quantitative graphics. 

Examples of these graphics include bar charts, line charts, and pie charts which allow you to consolidate data and turn them into easy to read and understand information.

Embellish your visual design to Improve your Grant Proposals

If you think, spreadsheets are boring, try Excel charts, you are guaranteed a snooze fest. Visual embellishment means that you are using colors, graphics, pictures to improve the graphs. Use them within the graph and with your data. Think of the sugar campaign that showed you how much sugar is in a coke bottle or other flavored drink; the visual embellishment made the quantity real.

As you move your grant along, make sure to tie in your graphics with the content and narrative. Make sure to reference your graphics and use action captions that relate everything together. Your table of content should include a list of graphics in numerical order to make referencing easy. 

In this time of budget constraints and shrinking economies, developing and incorporating design to make your proposal more competitive is key. Break up the text by utilizing pictures and graphics to make your grant request easier to read and provide the visual information that compels, intrigues, and persuades funders. Let us be your P.I.E. team to help you stand out amongst the competition.

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